Location: Coach and Horses pub, Norwich. Present: Bill, David, DralaFi, katsmeat, mak, quinophonex, StillVoid, stevepdp, ViperFang

ViperFang's Arduino Nano 7-segment display was proudly announcing the ALUG table, at least until he started "improving it" with his USB soldering iron. We admired katsmeat's bicycle light mounting made from Shapelock, as featured on WikiPedia's Polycaprolactone page. Beer was consumed. Various topics were discussed (Lassange, the electricity usage of bitcoin farming versus cannabis farming, C#/.NET, home schooling, Python, the car industry, Arch Linux, beer and diets, Chef, much else). Sudo privileges were duly abused for the installation of computer games, and someone felt the need to boot Linux on JavaScript PC emulator running on Firefox running on an Android phone, for no good reason at all. A good time was had.