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Solr on Docker with networking

11 Sep 2016

In a previous blog post I explored Solr on Docker Swarm with overlay network on bare metal.

Now with Docker 1.12 Swarm has changed a lot: it is now very easy to install, but has a different execution abstraction model of "services", has different network behaviour with mesh networking and VIPs, and uses different commands. There are some gotchas (Overlay networks for a swarm are not available to unmanaged containers, the VIPs provided by IPVS do not support ping) and bugs. It will take some research to determine if/how this is can be taken advantage of by a Solr cluster, and what the implications are for IP address registration in ZooKeeper.

But, in the meantime I wanted to check if I can still deploy a Solr cluster without Swarm, by removing the swarm pieces of my deployment, and I'm pleased to report that that still works. I've also taken the opportunity to switch to the current Ubuntu LTS, which uses systemd, and check the latest versions of etcd and docker-solr.

The code can be found on makuk66/docker-solr-network. I won't step through it; it's fairly similar to the previous iteration.