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No VM Restoring in CloudStack

30 Aug 2013

Some of our test deployments run on a cluster configuration, where all VMs in the cluster get reset to a known snapshot before the tests are run. The VMs retain their configuration, and get the same IP addresses. This is more convenient, easier to remember, and faster than creating new instances and doing a full from-scratch re-install/re-configuration of the cluster. In VirtualBox I do that by rolling back to a snapshot with vboxmanage. On AWS, I create a new volume from a snapshot, and switch the instance root volume to that.

On CloudStack, you can snapshot volumes, and create new volumes from snapshots or create Templates from snapshots (docs), from the UI and using the API.

It's strange, the restoreVirtualMachine API is documented as "Restore a VM to original template or specific snapshot" but doesn't provide a way to specify a specific snapshot. This is confirmed here.

The upcoming Cloudstack 4.2 Release has support for a VM snapshot feature for XenServer and VMware. Support for KVM can not be enabled because it depends on a newer libvirt. Thanks to vogxn on #cloudstack for this info. See also this email on cloudstack-dev.

I'm not the only one missing this: this user asked for it last year.

The lack of this feature is going to make things difficult for me, and may be a reason for me to abandon CloudStack for the time being.