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Spotify / Pinpoint Window Move Bug

11 Jun 2011

I finally found the cause of an annoying behaviour of Spotify for Mac OS X.

Spotify lets you move the main window around the screen by clicking anywhere in the window and dragging; not just in the titlebar. This is not typical Mac behaviour, so they must have implemented this themselves. Normally this doesn't cause a problem: Spotify recognises when you click in a scrollbar, and operates just the scrollbar as you expect.

I also use PinPoint which help you visually locate your mouse pointer, especially useful if you use multiple large high-resolution screens. I have it set to draw a subtle circle ("Celtica") around the pointer while it moves, and 0.5s after the pointer stops.

The problem is that this appears to cause Spotify to fail to detect when mouse moves happen in its scrollbars: it both moves the scrollbar scroller (thumb) and also moves the window, and makes the scrolling erratic. The "workaround" is not to drag in the scrollbar, but single-click in the scrollbar in the desired location, or to quite PinPoint.

Here is a screen recording that demonstrates the problem:

Spotify's FAQ says to report bugs by posting in the forums. Done.